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Having suffered from back and neck pain for many years, I saw a procession of physiotherapists and osteopaths in London. In 2007 my family and I moved to this area and I can honestly say that, out of all the ‘useful’ numbers given to me, Lingfield Osteopathic Centre has been the most useful. As well as alleviating my aches and pains, Liz has also helped me identify why I suffer from the pain and given me really useful lifestyle advice on posture, diet and exercise to maintain a healthier back.
M. A.

I have been treated by Bruce for some years now. I run crazy distances as well as other sports to extreme. My visits are sporadic and mainly when I am in dire need of my body to work properly again to complete the next event. He gives me a stern talking to, telling me how mad I am, but always works his usual professional magic in putting me back together again.  
J. B.

Several years ago, barely a week before setting off on the trip of a lifetime to Australia, I could hardly walk, and was in agony due to dropped metatarsals. Liz treated me, and a few days later after our arrival I was able to enjoy the Sydney harbour bridge walk! Awesome. With regular treatment every 6 weeks or so, Liz has really helped me to maintain a fit and active lifestyle.
L. M.

I was in considerable pain with longstanding back and neck problems when I first visited Lingfield Osteopathic Centre but immediately found myself in safe hands (literally as well as figuratively). The considerate, professional attention that I received moved swiftly from the alleviation of symptoms to an identification and treatment of the underlying causes, which has made me feel ten years younger. I cannot speak highly enough of the service that I have received... and only wish I’d made my first appointment sooner.

I originally visited the Lingfield Osteopathic Centre on advice from my doctor, who thought my ‘alignment’ was out. On seeing Bruce for an assessment, he assured me I didn't have a bad alignment and the main cause was having no physiotherapy after a knee operation a few months earlier. After a few weekly sessions I could not believe the difference in how I walked better, and I felt like I’d had a huge weight taken off my shoulders. I am still having treatment on a monthly basis now and feel the cost is well worth every penny. The whole Centre is a very friendly place and I would highly recommend them if you need advice or treatment for any problems you may have.
J. P.

Bruce has been brilliant at keeping me pain free in a job that causes repetitive strain injury. I have recommended Liz and Bruce to a number of elderly friends who have never visited an Osteopath but who will benefit from the treatment offered.
A. B.

Working beyond retirement years, an MOT by the Osteopath keeps me going!
Mr R.M.

Having been told by doctors twenty years ago that I was destined for a wheelchair, the Lingfield Osteopathic Centre (Bruce) has kept me on my feet!
Mrs M. M.

I came to my first ever Osteopathic appointment as I had severe pain in my right shoulder. This was higher than the left shoulder and was very tender. At the end of the first session I was pain-free and had a good range of movement and my shoulders “match”. This improvement has continued and I am very glad to have benefitted from Bruce’s expertise.
Mrs G. W.

We would never back out of visiting Bruce and Liz if our backs are out - always a pleasurable experience.
N. & S. A-S

I was wary of visiting an Osteopath from early childhood memories of relatives' bad experiences. It was therefore only when my back was so bad that I couldn't stand, sit, lie down or go to the loo without intense pain and a friend suggested Liz and Bruce, that I considered going. What a revelation! I walked out of that first treatment sore but amazed that I could manoeuvre myself into the car without the crippling pain that I'd had. Since then my family and I have benefitted from Liz's incredible skills and understanding of the human body. Liz can 'see' what is going on, wrong or wonky with a body with great perception and then treat to help. If she can't she refers to others appropriately which I find reassuring. I appreciate that she will only recommend as many treatments as necessary and often problems are resolved in just one visit. With the various stresses of a young family, older dependents, and all the things that go on with a busy, active, sporty life (and gardening), Liz has helped to keep me active and physically able. Generally I go to Liz wondering if she will be able to help - and she does. I wholeheartedly recommend Liz and Bruce.
R. M.